2015 Work Mission Team

The 2015 Work Mission Team will be traveling to the Redbird Mission in Beverly, Kentucky, June 7 through 13th. Thirteen members of the First United Methodist Church will be making the trip.

This is the house that the 2015 Work Mission Team will be working.  Following is a brief description of the work that needs to be done.

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Tony Merkel, co-leader of the 2015 Work Mission Team did the devotional for Redbird Mission Friday morning.

Below is a copy of that devotional.

Good morning, I’m Tony a co-youth leader and a member of the 1st UMC Wilmington.

Can you believe it’s the last day of work camp?

Six days ago you couldn’t believe you were leaving for a week in mission at Red Bird.

But this morning I want to check and see if you are a believer.

The Bible tells us,
Our Savior was hungry one morning as he and the 12 disciples were walking down the road. Ahead he saw a fig tree that was covered in leaves but with no fruit to which Jesus said to the tree “you shall bare fruit no more.” Immediately the tree withered away. The disciples were amazed and questioned how this could happen.

To which Jesus replied “if you have faith and no doubt,¬† you to can do what was done to the fig tree, and you could say to the mountain rise up and cast yourself across the sea and it will be done.¬† All things you ask in prayer by believing you shall receive.”
Matt. 21

As you go out today “believe.”
First Believe in yourself.

Believe that the work you do here is making a difference. In you and those you are working for.

And most of all believe in your Father in heaven, the Holy Spirit who guides you and the Son who offers you eternal life.