The Church Council is the governing body of the church.  Representatives from each of the work area committees report to the Council.  The Council meets monthly to plan, coordinate and evaluate all programs and ministries of the local church.


This committee meets with the pastor(s) to keep open communication between the pastor, staff and congregation.  It facilitates and approves pastor and staff changes, sets salaries, tours the parsonage on an annual basis with the Trustees to assess the condition and recommend necessary improvements, and meets with the District Superintendent annually.  This is a nine-member committee in which one third of the members are new each year.  Each member serves 3 years.


The Trustees make policies about the use of the church building and grounds, approve purchases, make decisions involving the upkeep of the church, arrange for repairs, obtain the insurance policy, keep an inventory of contents, etc.  This is a 9-member board with each member serving a 3-year term and a third of the members being replaced each year.  They meet monthly and as work needs to be completed.


This committee functions primarily in the fall each year to contact church members about serving on one of the church’s committees.  This 9-member committee rotates 1/3 of its members each year.  The pastor serves as the committee’s chairperson.


The Finance/Stewardship Committee oversees the finances of the church.  It prepares the budget with input from each committee, authorizes the payments of funds by the Treasurer, secures and trains money counters, and directs the work of the Financial Secretary.  The committee organizes a fall fund drive, contacting church members to obtain financial pledges for the following year to meet the proposed budget.  Promotion of year-round personal stewardship is encouraged.


The Worship Committee helps plan special worship services, prepares the Communion elements, oversees the lay leader program, secures greeters, looks at suggestions to change or enhance the worship service, coordinates the special music, and other concerns that pertain to the worship service.


The Education work area directs the Christian education of the church.  The work area members select curriculum and missions projects to which the Sunday School collections will be given.  They recognize the church congregation on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.   Waving of the Palms on Palm Sunday is coordinated by the committee.  They plan and present a Christmas program and host community events like Rally Day and Trunk or Treat.


The Nurture Committee strives to nurture and include all members of the church family in the life of the church through social and other events.  The committee takes Traveling Tea Parties to elderly and homebound members, prepares Welcome bags for visitors, organizes the church picnic.  Advent and Lenten devotionals are provided for the membership.  The committee sends cards to those who have been hospitalized, experienced a death in their family, or welcomed a new baby.


The Outreach work area reviews requests for financial aid both locally and worldwide to provide food, shelter, medicine and disaster relief to those in need.  It determines the distribution of the donations given to the church for “missions”, which were not designated by the giver for a particular mission.  Each month a different mission is selected for a Mission of the Month to receive the loose offering (not in an envelope) from the collection plates.


The Memorial Committee meets as needed to consider requests and to make recommendations regarding the expenditure of moneys given to the Memorial Fund.  Acceptable considerations must be lasting in value and no name plates are attached to the objects indicating the memorial funds from a particular individual(s) were used to purchase the item.


This committee was formed to decorate the altar and church at different times of the year.  They decorate for the fall/harvest season, oversee the Hanging of the Greens for the Advent season, and decorate for Lent and Easter.  The committee also plants and cares for the urns at the church entrance.


This committee oversees the investment of the endowed gifts of the church.  The Endowment is divided into 4 funds with defined purposes; Building, Mission or Unrestricted funds, or the Minner Endowment.  Requests are made by another committee or work area of the church to use endowment money for a project.  Only the interest earned in the previous year is available for consideration.  By spending only the interest earned in 1 year, the principle is preserved for future generations and can provide an on-going source of income for special projects that arise.  This committee is overseen by the Board of Trustees, of which 1 member must also sit on the Endowment Committee.


This committee was formed to prepare a disaster plan for the church in coordination with plans already in place for the city and county.  Education of the congregation in disaster preparedness, as well as directing any volunteer efforts from the congregation in the event of a local disaster are tasks of this committee.


The Technology Committee of the First United Methodist Church of Wilmington is a group of members with special interest and/or knowledge of computers, audio, video, or electronics. Together they will coordinate and manage all electronic media (ie church webpage, social media, etc), the church’s audio and video systems, internet and network, as well as assist in the maintenance and upgrades to these systems. The committee will also put together short and long terms goals for the management/implementation of these systems and mediums.
As technology is always advancing and expanding, the role of the technology committee will change with these advances and how they may be implemented to better serve the church.